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The Library strives to provide a professional work environment. In addition to adhering to the Student Code of Conduct, the following should be observed when working in the Library.

● Arrive on time and check in with the circulation supervisor
● Follow proper procedures for requesting time off and calling in sick
● Be responsible for your break.
● Do not make exceptions to Library rules and policies
● Limit conversations to library transactions; keep the volume low and personal conversations brief
● Respect private information
● Report inappropriate behavior observed or experienced to a circulation supervisor

Service Desks
● Be courteous
● No food, beverages with lids are ok
● Be aware of what is happening; be ready to assist patrons when they approach
● If you notice someone who looks lost or confused, offer to help

● Workroom computers are for Library work only
● Mobile devices may be charged in designated areas only
● Keep work areas clean

● Store personal items in designated small and large closets
● Mark food items with your name and date and store them in appropriate locations
● Wash your dishes as soon as you are finished eating

Mobile Devices
● Mobile devices will be allowed
○ no headphones
○ charging will be okay at the service desk but only while at that station
○ keep an eye on property - things go missing
○ no talking on mobile devices
○ priority will always be service to patrons who need help
○ devices on silent
○ no videos on devices
○ keep area neat and usable for work.

Collection / Items Location Loan Period
General Collection

Books, DVDs, videos

2nd Floor 28 Days
Course Reserves

Textbooks & supplemental course material provided by instructors

Behind Circulation Desk 2hrs In Library

Laptops, headphones

Behind Circulation Desk 4 hours In-Library