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This is the problematic shaft

There should be a short description so that people quickly can see if this is the relevant K-brief. A describing picture helps those who are more of a visual nature.

Current situation

This section should be updated very often. Ask yourself questions like: Has anything been sent to external laboratories? Has any new test results come out?

Root cause analysis

List all the possible root causes

Proposed countermeasures

Countermeasure Effect on root cause
A Lubricate shaft Recommended
B Change metal in the shaft Upset the metallurgical compatibility Not recommended
C Harden the hub and the shaft Harder bearing surfaces tend to weld less Investigate further
D Reduce bearing loads Not recommended


After a meeting with supplier, the conclusion is to implement lubrication

Action Plan

Task Responsible Due date
Acquire grease samples from prefferred suppliers SIAB 2019-05-17
Start lifetime test ERAR 2019-05-20