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New Client Call in Checklist

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This checklist is used assist in retrieving all future client information when a new prospective client calls on the telephone. Use this checklist to obtain information from the caller. Try to gather as much information that you can without being too pushy. Most important information is: Name, Company, Phone Number, Email Address.

  1. Name
    1. When the future client gives you their name, search for their name in Salesforce
    2. If they already have a record, update the record information we have on file asking the questions using the list below.
    3. If they don't have a record, create a new record with the information collected below.
  2. What is the name of the company you work for?
  3. What is your Work Location (address/area)?
  4. What is your home address/area?
    1. this will help you identify the zone for appointment
  5. How did you hear about SimpliFi?
    1. If they were referred by a person, ask for their name and put it in the "Referral Name" field in the "Personal" section in Salesforce.
    2. Once the client has an appointment, we send a thank you note to the person that referred them as part of the "Post Future Client Event Process".
  6. Home and/or Cell phone number (ask if they have a preference, if so update the "Preferred Phone" field in Salesforce.
  7. E-mail Address for future marketing emails and appointment confirmations.
    1. If they don't have an email address, the confirmation will be mailed to their home address
  8. Job Title
  9. Planned Retirement Date
  10. Hire Date
  11. Date of Birth
    1. Frontier uses a combination of age and years of service to calculate pension
  12. If the future client is looking to retire soon, ask them if they know what their pension estimate is and the balance of their 401(k)
    1. We use this information to help the advisors prepare income projections, if needed.
  13. Try and set the appointment on a day that an advisor will already be in that area or close to it.
    1. Frontier employees have a lot of vacation hours they can use, so try to schedule appointments only during business hours. No weekend appointments ever. Evening appointments will need to be approved by the advisor.
    2. When setting an appointment, follow the Setting Appointment for Future Client checklist.
    3. If you are unable to find a day that works for SimpliFi and the future client to meet, ask the future client which days/times of day work best for them and let them know that you will call them back with more options.
  14. Take down any notes/information the client gives you
    1. Record all information about the client/call by completing a task in Salesforce under the future client's Activity History explaining why they called and what was discussed during the call.