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Users of this sandbox will find sand in their shoes.

TU Definitions - Dashboard Directory

Course Planning


Program Review



asdfghj xyz md test ve

Product Specs

Interesting Table and Facts
Model Usage Spec 1 Spec 2
50 1.5 60 gph 2.5 mph
100 3 45 gph 5 mph
200 6 30 gph 10 mph
300 9 15 gph 15 mph


Chicken chicken chicken

Chicken chicken chicken

PDFs render using PdfHandler.

Stuff about chickens

This is a Test

Test Table
Price QTY MSRP Discount

Here is a link


New heading (Some context here)

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3
A link to a place
$Ace = 0;
Function MyFunction(x,y)
  # Some remark
  Some_Real_Var as type string;
  Some_Real_Var = "hello world";
End MyFunction
  1. Chicken
she win 100%
Sock Elect 1000 0000 Year

Sock Current Status

About: Sock

Sock is defacto Queen of changeling consortium

she rules with irone clawe for 100 years so far

Please go here to learn more about cats


  • pretty
  • smart
  • wise
  • beautiful
    • terrible as the dawn
  • long
    • +wide
  • sharp

Sock Subjects

Sock has many cats of her own as well as humans

Types of Cats
Cat 1 Color Cat? Snake? Liquid?
Sock White y n y
Wheel brown y y n
BB tan n y n
Ramen brown y y y
Guillermo blue n n n?
Kalku b&w y n y
Name Sock's Rating tall loud
Anna 10 y y
Cecil 9 n n
Jill 5 (broom 9) n y
Shay 3 >:3 ? ?
Lex 8 n n
Seven Seven n y

Heading 2, History of Sock

100 Years ago Exactly, Sock

She became

Tiny and Large all at once

Center text

Hello world

Centered big text


New Paragraph

Text under a new paragraph is simple and is formatted as such automatically.

Code Syntax Highlighting Test


# For an Exchange Online DDG
$EXODDG = Get-EXODynamicDistributionGroup <ListName>
$EXODDGMembers = @(Get-EXORecipient -RecipientPreviewFilter $EXOGroup.RecipientFilter -ResultSize Unlimited)

# For an Exchange on-prem DDG
$OPDDG = Get-DynamicDistributionGroup <ListName>
$OPDDGMembers = Get-Recipient -RecipientPreviewFilter $OPDDG.RecipientFilter -OrganizationalUnit $OPDDG.RecipientContainer -IgnoreDefaultScope -ResultSize Unlimited

# Bonus: Compare the memberships of the two groups (if they are supposed to be the same group)
$MemberDiff = Compare-Object -ReferenceObject $EXODDGMembers -DifferenceObject $OPDDGMembers -Property alias -PassThru


for arg in "$@"
index=$(echo $arg | cut -f1 -d=)
val=$(echo $arg | cut -f2 -d=)
case $index in
X) x=$val;;
Y) y=$val;;
echo "X+Y=$result"


SELECT event.start_date, event.end_date,,, i_o.identifier, CONCAT(REGEXP_SUBSTR(,'(\\d{4})'),'-01-01')
FROM event
JOIN event_i18n ON =
JOIN information_object AS i_o ON = event.object_id
    #(event.start_date IS NULL AND REGEXP '(\\d{4})')
    (event.end_date IS NULL AND REGEXP '(\\d{4}\\-\\d{2})(?!\\d)')

This is a test paragraph